Review in SB Independent

Assemblage art has been a passion of mine for over ten years. I enjoy creating three dimensional sculptural pieces using vintage object and photographs. Often my pieces tell stories, or allow the viewer to create their own stories based on their life experiences. 


My works often involve telling reinvented stories of the people in the old photos I incorporate. My fascinating experiences with encounters with people from “the other side” since my days at The Big Yellow House come into play with my assemblages. The faces and eyes of these people literally speak to me and assembling is often a process of channeling these people. Many of these pieces put themselves together. My life in the theatre is clearly noticeable in my assemblages. I have always enjoyed scenic design and these works allow me to “set the stage” for dramatic linear and abstract stories. I enjoy creating a world where each viewer can customize stories and relationships between people and metaphoric objects.

In 2017 I was commissioned by Soho Myriad in Atlanta to create two 40" x 40" assemblages for the lobby of the Boston Marriot Quincy Hotel. These two large works incorporate historical elements of Quincy. The second and third photos are of the two works commissioned by the Boston Marriott Quincy Hotel and now hang in the hotel lobby.

My current series "Of Light and Legacy" is a collection of large, freestanding and pedestal pieces blending vintage found objects and neon sculpture. See the page titled Sculptures for these works.


(To see full images of each piece click on the photo.)



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