New Neon Art

The Sculpture Series

Below are my eight newest works in the new show "Magic of the Holiday" at GraySpace Gallery - 219 Gray Ave in the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, California. The show will be open November 27-December 20, 2020 12 noon til 5pm or by appointment by calling Ruth Hoag at 805 689-0858. Other featured artists include Anthony Askew, Charlene Broudy, Joan Rosenberg-Dent, Pamela Enticknap, Ruth Ellen Hoag and Christopher Rupp.

I also have six Neon Sculpture works on display and for sale at the Locals' Collective Holiday Store at 931 State Street (across from the Apple Store) in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Open November 27th - January 3rd, 2021, this collective of local vendors offers a wonderful, unique and intriguing offering of diverse gift items for Holiday giving and year-round enjoyment! I am thrilled to be their featured artist. Open Thursday - Sunday and by appointment. 

My works in the Locals' Collective Holiday Store can be seen on my page on this site titled Sculpture and include: "There's No Place Like Home," "Like Clockwork," "Wheels of Change," "My Little Noop Scoop," "The Milkman's Spirit" and "Mystery de la Lumiere." 

Inflatable Whimsy

(18" W x 23” T x 11” D)

This piece is brings to life a vintage balloon mold - a wonderful piece of sculpture in itself. Certain to be the topic of intriguing conversation. A true one of kind piece! 



(18.5" W x 18.5” T x 4” D)

This is a vibrant firetruck red neon freeform heart (although it photographs more white) on a vintage metal star.

Mother Ship

(30” H x 24” D x 24” W)

This unique work is a joyful and mysterious combination of kinetic and light elements that bring the piece to life. The beaded neon double rings around the center glass saucers have a life of their own and move the beads of white light through the clear glass tubes in variations and directions. Turquoise and cobalt blue neon rings give the Ship a glow of color and internal tiny white lights are adjustable with seven different settings of movement and brightness. Let your UFO inspired imagination go wild!

Time Flies II

(27" W x 22” T x 6.5” D)

As I age, I witness how fast time flies, especially when one is having fun and loving life. This piece is a whimsical reminder to cherish each moment - we never get them back. The vintage mantle clock is in good working order and its pendulum swings inside the glass door. Tick Tock! Carpe diem!

Adrift on the High Sea(t)

(53” H x 26.5” D x 25.5” W)

This beautiful, white, vintage Chippendale chair pleaded with me to use it as a canvas. This is the outcome. The blue and green colors of neon are two of my favorites - gently enticing and elegantly soft. The piece includes a beautiful custom wooden pedestal that mirrors the tapered shape of the seat. 

Swirl & Twirl

(18.5" W x 18.5” T x 8” D)

This fun celebration of light and color is perfect for the holidays and any day of the year. It is built on a vintage metal star, made from old barn sidings.


(33” H x 24” D x 24” W)

This spaceship from another planet mirrors the Mother Ship but is more sleek and agile. The custom welded base enables the ship to tilt in any direction. The white beaded neon gives the ship

'flight" and movement as the white beads of light and energy travel through the clear glass neon at the perimeter of the glass saucer. 

Twinkle, Twinkle

(18.5” T x 18.5” W x 4" D)

This festive green neon star on vintage metal star brings holiday cheer year-round. Ideal for indoor or covered outdoor use. 


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