© 2018 Rod Lathim. 

I am honored to be showing 15 works in this exhibit, along side Anthony Askew (a dear friend and mentor) and Dorothy Churchill-Johnson at GraySpace Gallery. See Gallery hours above. I will be on hand for the receptions and Art Walk, and other times as well. If you would like to see the Gallery at times not listed above, please call me at 805 403-0901 and I will be happy to host you there for a private showing - day times or evenings. The photos and videos below are just a taste of the pieces in this show. I encourage you to come and see them in person, as neon does not photograph well, and their three dimensional aspects come to life when you view them with your own eyes.

My gratitude Ruth Hoag for inviting me to show at her wonderful GraySpace Gallery. Huge thanks also to Eric Scholobohm and Samuel McKaig for their kind and generous assistance in moving the works to the Gallery.  I look forward to seeing you at the Gallery between now and December 28th, 2019.