date. 2019

city. Santa Barbara

size. 64.5” T x 12 3/8” D x 36 ¼ W


I ventured to Lawrence, Kansas right out of graduating from Santa Barbara High School, to pursue my education as a Music Therapy major. What awaited me in Kansas was so much more than an academic education! I had been selling antiques at the Wine Cellar in the Big Yellow House in Summerland and the Midwest opened up a whole new world to me in the antique department. In 1978 I found a set of twisted wrought iron posts. They are sculptures in their own right. They date back to the Civil War and are hand-wrought, portable fence posts that were carried by the troupes to create horse corrals. The corkscrew end was screwed into the ground and ropes were threaded through the rings. These posts were dug out of the Caw River, which runs through Lawrence. I imagine some low ranking infantryman grew weary of lugging these heavy items day after day and dumped them in the river. 


This series of three posts represents the blood, sweat and tears of those who fought in the Civil War. My family lineage traces back to Robert E. Lee. (Thank God the North was victorious.) The light on the center post is the ghost of the soldier who carted these heavy posts from camp to camp. It is a tribute to those who gave their lives in that awful battle.