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There's No Place Like Home

date. 2019

city. Santa Barbara

size. 83.5” T x 51 1/8 W x 24” Deep


We all have unique definitions of what “home” means to us. Some of us make our home wherever we happen to be and with those who are with us. Some were fortunate to grow up in a house that holds precious memories that shape the rest of our life. We may enter and exit this world alone (although I think we are truly surrounded by love and souls upon all parts of our journey) but we need a place to nest; to feel safe and free to be who we are; to dream, create, explore, take risks, fail and succeed. This tin dormer spoke to me as a symbol of home. Love and gratitude are the two words that guide my life and when you combine them with home, all is peaceful and happy. I celebrate the home I grew up in; my beautiful family and the legacy of love they have given me. (Freestanding on metal base or can be hung on a wall)

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