In 2016 I begin the fascinating and exciting journey of exploring the human history of the historic Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara –  the oldest operating theatre in California. I was invited by the Lobero Theatre Foundation Staff to create a beautiful hard-bound book filled with color images and elements of the rich and diverse history of the arts that have filled this handsome hall designed by Lutah Maria Riggs. I have considered Lutah my muse for these projects and she wasted no time in making herself known while videotaping the first interviews in the theatre.


Lutah made it clear in her communication to me while taping onstage, there was no permanent acknowledgement of her design work at the Lobero. I am happy to report that there is now a bronze plaque in her honor installed at the front of the theatre.  See the photo in the images above. A classic example of her tenacity and proof that things can be accomplished in multiple planes of reality.


Sadly, due to funding issues, the book and accompanying documentary film have been indefinitely delayed. I feel good that we have some great footage of a collection of key people in the Lobero's history on video tape, as well as Lutah's request for acknowlegment, which she so deserved.


When funding permits, the thread of the book and the film will be documenting people’s interpretation of what makes the Lobero a special place to perform and consume the lively arts. There is feeling, a vibe, a spirit (or many) that gently washes over and envelopes all who enter its doors. The grand Lobero deserves this documentation of her heritage and legacy. Time will tell...


Patrick Price – Photos


And Documentary Film


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