A glimpse into life’s mystical transitions

Phenomenal!! Unfinished Business is truly the one play that will encourage everyone who sees it to start 'the conversation.'  What Rod Lathim has penned will begin a revolution of spirit toward how we all approach the end of life.


Joe Franken CASP, LNHA

Hospice Administrator - Acacia Hospice, New Jersey


...like all good art, it takes the personal and makes it universal and very accessible. With Lathim not only writing but directing, he retains control over every nuance, with beautiful results. The beauty is that it allows audiences to look past belief or faith and see an experience of love, life and death through the eyes of another.


Justine Sutton - Noozhawk


Unfinished Business is my first autobiographical play, based on the extraordinary shared death experience I had at my mother’s passing. It has been staged in three different stages of development and remains the most powerful theatrical journey I have ever undertaken. Snowline Hospice in Sacramento plans to produce the play in 2018 as a part of their 40th Anniversary.

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