This series is an exploration of sculptures with neon and found objects. After 16 years of creating small assemblage works with vintage found objects, and exhibiting in many solo and group shows, I was commissioned in May of 2017 to create two 40” x 40” assemblage pieces (the largest pieces I had created to date). They now hang in the lobby of the Quincy Marriott Hotel near Boston. My imagination took me to places of possibility and ‘going big.’  ​

I am attracted to vintage objects which have a patina of history, hinting at the lives of the people who used them to work, manufacture, create and sustain life.  The diverse pieces I find all over the USA speak to me and often inform the addition of neon light, which brings them back to reincarnated life. The inspiration for this series also came to me at a pivotal time in my life – during the last weeks of life for my loving father, Reg Lathim. During the time I was with him in his final days on the planet,

the images for many of my early works were delivered to me from the ancestors and muses from that magical, creative wonderland around us. I felt Da’s presence in these images and he continues to inspire my work.

Although I had very little knowledge of neon light, I was drawn to it - or more accurately lead to it on a spiritual path. Neon light is created by combusting gas with electrical charge inside glass tubing, The light created is unique to simply observing a flat ‘color.’ The colors created by neon are alive - they are energy and light created by elements of nature. I am drawn to the ethereal, radiant light of neon. It is the closest thing I have found in our physical world to the light of life and love that radiates from our bodies (some call this our aura). 


Each work I create is one-of-a-kind. I use real, ‘old school’ neon (glass tubes that are pumped with various gasses – neon, argon and krypton) – and I use colors not traditionally seen in neon pieces. My works use solid neon and sometimes beaded neon which is a rarely seen type of neon that makes a chain of little beads of light that travel through the glass tubes.

In the ongoing evolution of my learning about neon, I have been honored to work with the uber talented neon artist Roxy Rose for the last two years. She bends the glass for my works. Since I began working with her, she has mentored me and taught me a tremendous amount about neon and I am still learning. Roxy has inspired me to expand my designs and go beyond where I thought possible than when I began this journey. Her skills, coming from a multi-generational family of neon artists, are boundless and she has always been wonderfully successful at fabricating every design pattern - flat or 3D - that I have given her. There is a part of both our our souls in each work on which we have collaborated. I am grateful to her mentorship and artistry. I encourage you to support her amazing artistic legacy and creations. Follow her at @neogirlneon. 


I enjoy creating pieces that evoke stories from viewers – or simply offer a taste of whimsy, color and light. My career as a director/producer/playwright has been built around creating and telling stories of the human condition, hope, spiritual journeys, redemption and triumph. I like to think that this same spirit lives in my visual art. I have created commissioned works for private and commercial clients. I have had numerous solo shows and have exhibited in group shows in galleries in Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.


I dedicate this series of LightWorks to my Dad, whose abundant love and support was instrumental in making me the man I am today. My tribute to my Mom’s life was my autobiographical play UNFINISHED BUSINESS. My tribute to my Dad is of Light and Legacy. Dad honored legacy and he and my Mom created a family legacy that is rich in traditions, compassion, authenticity and love.

I am honored to be showing in three venues in Santa Barbara, California. The Locals’ Collective Store at 931 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara, Commen Unity 223 Ste B Anacapa Street in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone and The Thomas Reynolds Gallery at 1331 State Street. My newest show will be at Goldfield Home & Art  73940 El Paseo in Palm Desert, CA - grand opening November 13, 2021. My newest works are for sale in these beautiful galleries. If you have interest in a custom piece, I regularly create commissioned works and am happy to work with you to create one to your liking. Prices by request. Please email me via this site with inquiries and requests for commissions. 

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